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dave jay
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VDW – Further Discussion<br>In answer to your comments.<br>1. I believe that there is too much data to go through to make a workable system here. A lot of the data required is buried in the statistics (Class). It’s difficult to retrieve enough data to assess any advantage that may be gained.

2. DGA – Pro-Punter doesn’t agree with VDW, it’s not that kind of program. DGA assesses each horse against the other and then makes it’s own book. It compares it’s own book with the tissue price and advises whether a value bet can be had in that race. It then gives the bet a ‘strength rating’, a good tool.

3. I have split the data on earlier post for presentation purposes. I also believe data handled in this way is easier to assess. I like to work out what advantage a statistic has, if any.

4. We abandoned the system because it was boring. The Staking Plan part of the equation was put together about 5 or 6 years after the selection method. I don’t use either, there’s no value there.

5. I think it was Mel Collier who said, ‘Anyone consistently betting at short prices, simply doesn’t understand.’ For me, anyone coming into racing should have that tattooed on the brain, it sums the whole game up!

6. I think this was an invention of the paper but there is good information to be had out of it, I agree with kersly. To expand further on that point, a little knowledge in the wrong hands. The way information is interpreted is more important than the information itself, in my view.

7. I have worked on this for years, on and off. Certain parts of this methodology can be an eye opener. Like where certain so called racing experts, who are in the know, get their information from.

8. This approach raises more questions than it answers. Like what constitutes a higher class race? Is it the highest class on the day / week / month / season?

9. Working as a syndicate helps and it’s not too difficult so long as there is a Leader. Everyone agrees that the Leader has the final say. Towards the end of our research every member had a few weeks copies of ‘Sporting Life’. Most things can be checked out in a few hours that way.

I’ll post up some examples later in the week.