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Hi Dave.<br>A splendid read.The "mythical Dutchmans"findings have for many years been viewed as the possibly attainable "Holy Grail". Personally I find the whole approach far too complicated.In saying that there are vital pieces of advice and guidance that could prove beneficial..Do you think that VDW was an invention of the paper to stimulate discussion?<br>However hard I try I cannot come to terms with staking plans,it dilutes the selection procedure and hides a multitude of sins.I much prefer accountability to level stakes only.I dont think there is one correct way of trying to find winning selections,I believe an  open mind,stats,adaptions of ideas all play a part in trying to achieve success.I like looking for angles that may be original,there is no certainty of success in this game but I do enjoy the challenge.Ive had many failures along the way plus a few rewarding efforts, a couple of which Ive operated for years.<br>A fascinating read Dave it brought back memories of VDW,s original posts.Do you remember the old pocket style "Handicap Book"?I wish I could view some copies again,also the old Sporting Investor now Im becoming too nostalgic.

Good Luck-kersly

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