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Dave Jay,

Thanks for keeping this important thread alive, I am sure everyone much appreciates these in-depth contributions.

Catching up with Conclusions Part Two, I found it fascinating that you were able to organise inputs from several colleaugues over a lengthy period of time. For most people betting is quite a single minded, probably ego driven, pursuit. How did you manage to agree on anything?

Did DGA Pro-Punter predictions ever agree with the VDW selections?

For the class evaluation, VDW stresses backing only in the higher class races, so horses will have already come up in class. He also suggests using the master speed rating (unadjusted for weight) from last year when a good horse has had few races and opportunities to gain a class rating. VDW does stress that ALL the factors (form, class and consistency) must be right and not contradicting each other for a possible selection – your analysis appears to split the factors up as separate entities but this may be the way you have presented the data.

Why did you abandon a system that only gave two or three good bets a week – this is what most professionals seek in putting the odds firmly in their favour?