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I dont think I can add anything eye opening to this debate, but being of a ‘certain age’ as JAR politely puts it I have obviously come across VDW discussions before.

I was led to believe that he was a strong believer in looking for " better quality races" I know thats a bit vague but presumably prize money would be the guide.

Someone else has mentioned last 3 placings and I too was told that this was a mainstay of his method.

A short precis of what I was told re VDW:-

1) Select the better races on the day.<br>2) Look for horses that were placed 1st – 4th in either of their last TWO runs (current season)<br>3) From these look at the No of days since last run, pick the most recent 6 runners ( only if qualified under 2) above)<br>From these 6 add together placings for last THREE runs (current season AND previous if necessary) n.b. unplaced counts as 10<br>4) Concentrate on those with the smallest score.

Robert is absolutely right it is at this point that your own analytical work has to take over.

Does the above look like anybody elses understanding of what VDW was about?

Interesting thread Robert.