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I used to subscribe to the Raceform Update and can remember a lot of the letters discussing the VDW "method" being published.

There did develop a search for a "missing link", but I think this came about from the systemites looking for a hard and fast set of rules to follow rather than anything said by VDW. I do remember VDW keeping back some elements of his thinking, particularly the final part, but I always felt this was a combination of indicators only and his own skill.

With regard to the posting of his selections prior to racing, this was suggested by a fellow Update reader. However, rather than avoid the challenge, my recollection is that VDW didn’t run away but rather challenged the individual involved to a head to head contest with real money being laid down (an early betting exchange perhaps?). As I recall nothing was heard from the original challenger.

I have a booklet and a series of letters detailing the method but cannot lay my hands on them at the moment. If I find them I will let the forum know. I did try to apply the method to a simple spreadsheet system but didn’t get far due to the lack of the right type of historical data (my recurring problem) on which to test it.

Hoping the above adds to the debate.