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Sorry you got dragged into that experience. There are a few good guys out there but most, to be polite, are just con-men, thieves, liars and cheats.

The booklets on VDW are mostly by Raceform, Tony Peach and the late Jock Bingham. Gambler’s Bookshop have several available. These are regarded as defining the method/s.

I agree with you that there are some mathematical errors in the probability area and there are minor inconsistencies as the writing developed. Basically it remains a sound method to form a short list of the most likely winners of high class races. The final selection, if any, needs a developed understanding of horse racing and this is where the system followers usually come to grief – and seek the excuse of a " missing link" (this is assumed to mean a final rule that VDW did not divulge).<br>VDW repeatedly said this was not a system but a method, as above – but it fell on deaf ears.

Happy to discuss any aspect.