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I’m interested in learning more about VDW.  I only got interested in racing about a year ago through a "gentleman" called Colin Davey.   I joined the syndicate, realised after about three weeks what was going on and left at the end of the second month.  Buts that’s another story….

I found out about the Colin Davey method, found a copy of it on a site and in that it mentioned VDW and then found what purports to be the VDW method.   It all makes very logical sense even if the maths is flawed in one or two places.   Is there a definitive version?   Following on from that I suppose it is how you need to adapt it or does it still stand the test of time?

Last year I also found a VDW methodology group on Yahoo, tried to join and was refused after about two months; it appeared that they didn’t want learners.   If you couldn’t bring anything to the party then you weren’t welcome.

Wait to hear from somebody.