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Robert in reply to your question, V.D.W. as he is fondly referred to by Tony Peach latterly the letters editor of the Raceform Handicap Book is still causing slight controversy and not to say confusion amongst the ranks of his followers and critics.

An old friend of mine who was more than an expert on mathematical probability (but coudn’t pick a winner if he tried) reckoned that a lot of his calculations in regard to chances of winning were way out.

Just last year in the Raceform letters pages there was still a great debate in motion as to whether V.D.W. existed or not, mainly because he was once challenged by a letter writer to proof his findings to the old Handicap book (dont forget that this was in 1978/79) and consequently this did not occur.

My own view is that wheteher he existed or not his name and the debate trundle on.

I would suggest Robert that you contact Tony Peach or The current letters editor of Raceform because they do publish a lot of very useful pamphlets and books.