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Hi snowman<br>Regarding the kenyon issue,anyone thats been in racing and betting on horses for a while nows that trainers sometimes run horses below there ability to get a favorable handicap mark, alot of stables couldnt survive without fiddling the system and gambling on there horses when there handicap mark is good.<br>It does go on ,the programe last night didnt come as a surprise ragarding the above issues its been going on for years, and it will keep going on. Handicap races are regarded as the hardest races to select winners from, no matter how well you no the form book. certain horse have patterns to there form, and some one that bets in handicaps can see these patterns, at the end of the day pick certain trainers and study there training methods, once you follow a couple of stables closley patterns do start to amerge and you tend to no when horses are ready to do themselves justice.<br>Truth told theres a lot of trainers out there doing the same thing, its just unfortunate that these trainers in the programe lastnight where portraide in this way, it wont stop me betting on jamie osbournes horse or ferdy murphy there both good trainers.<br>As for 16 runner handicap races, there is quite alot of them that have horses pulled out at the start to many for it to be a coincidence?<br>Right onto thursdays racing. two nice priced winners wednesday 11/4 and 11/2 and a placed horse at 5/1<br>good day overall.:biggrin: <br>Thursdays selections from NEWBURY.

3.15 NIMELLO -RATED 40 -7 days last ran.[C]

4.20 SKI FORME -RATED 30- 19 days last ran.[D]

4.50 MINIHAHA -RATED 45 -6days last ran.[E]

Heres for a good day thursday, lets get some bet money for ASCOT, Do it again frankie.:cool: