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Hi Daz,

Haven’t posted win only comparison for a while.

June only looks like this. After Friday’s racing which threw up a 2nd 7/1 winner in as many days.

18 selections backed at 2 pts each to win. This gives 36 pts staked and 41 pts returned for a 5 pt profit.

When added to the carried forward profit from May (35 pts ) this gives a running total of 40 pts.

PS Daz I know you have May’s profit as 18.5 per pt staked i.e. 37 pts not 35 as I have stated above – but i honestly can’t see where i’ve gone wrong. So if you tell me that May’s win only profit should read 37 pts @ 2pts win stakes, then I’ll adjust my figures accordingly.

PPS. Daz check your figures. After Wednesday’s racing you posted bank standing at 7.89 pts. Thursday gave you 1 winner at 7/1 = 8pts + 2.4 pts = 10.4 pts returned, plus a placed horse at 10/1 = 3 pts returned.<br>Total 13.4 pts returned – 6 pts staked = an increase of 7.4 pts which should give new profit figure of 15.29 pts.But you have 19.69???(see last post)

Good luck for Derby day Daz.:biggrin: :cool: <br>