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Hi rob and snowman.<br>It is sad when a horse dies, there dosent seem to be any press reports regarding horses like houston park, only horses that die from the big stables are commended for there bravery at the end of the day whether your from a top stable or not all horses do the same thing, it saddens me when i see horses injured and as a result, have to be put down. I think we some times take for granted what these animals do, for our pleasure.

Thursdays selections put us back up into profit.<br>There was one none runner PASITHEA, regarding none runners, you could reasses the race but for this thread a none runner counts as a no bet.<br>A winner at 7/1 and a place at 10/1 takes us into epsom with some money behind us.:) <br>Selections for friday.<br>EPSOM.<br>4.20 SYSTEMATIC- RATED 100-  24 days last ran.[C]

4.50 DUMARAN-RATED 60- 15 days last ran.

5.55 ALDORA -RATED 100 -16 days last ran. [C]

Catch you all later.<br>Daz.:cheesy: