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Hi snowman.

Results for may 24th to 31st may.

25 selections.<br>50 points  staked win and e/w

The win profit totals after deduction of lost bets=18.50 points profit.

The place profit totals after daductions of lost bets = 2.32 points profit.

Total profit then for may = 20.82 points.<br>Ithink the each way side of the staking plan is letting the system down.

June profit so far.<br>3 selections= 6 points staked.<br>Win profit 3.50 points after deduction of lost bets.<br>Place profit 0.70 points after deduction of lost bets.

Total profit for june so far = 3.45 points.

Overall total profit for may and june = 24.27 points.

I think you are missing two bets some where in your profit and loss totals for may i have may down as 50 bets<br>And june down as 3.<br>You can see a difference already with the profit.<br>The each way part of the bets are only just into profit.<br>Level stakes of 2 points looks to be far more better.<br>Iwill keep june bets at each way stakes for now just to give the system a full months trial as apposde to just  9 days.<br>None the less profitable nine days.<br>Catch you all later with mondays selections.<br>Daz.:cheesy: