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I think you was right snowman, looking back through the thread it was robgomm who made the comment about recent last time out winners, my apologises.<br>One winner at 5/1 thursday puts us again into profit,<br>bank now stands at 20.82 points, hope you all also had a winning day.:cheesy: <br>KEMPTON is the main meeting for saturdays bets, there are three.

KEMP. FURTHER OUTLOOK-RATED 80- 7days last ran- [C]

KEMP. KILLKENNY CASTLE- RATED 60- 28 days last ran-[C]

KEMP. BANGALORE-RATED 85-27 days last ran-[C]

Please note the letter in brackets is the class of race the horse is due to run in, this is to see if class of race as any barring on any win and placed results.:)

Good luck if any one is backing these tommorow, hope you all made a few bob today. Catch you later.<br>Daz.:cool: