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Hi robgomm.<br>I do agree with what your saying, i to have noticed the better class handicaps class C, and above do seem to be the races to concentrate on, because the better class horses are always towards the top of the handicap. Races usually at the begining of the week tend to be of low class, i will be looking closley to see if any trends appear to do with class of race and rating due to the horses form figures. Snowman suggested looking at number of days the selections last ran, just a few things to bare in mind over the next few weeks of testing.

Selections for friday 31st may.

AYR 2.50 MAGNUSSON -RATED 40- 15 days last ran.

AYR 3.50 PASITHEA -RATED 45- 15 days last ran.

AYR 4.50 FOREST TUNE -RATED 60- 21 days last ran.

Small loss of 4 points today, bank now stands at 18.57 points. One placed horse  , FIRE DOME 4/1 3RD.

Catch you all later.<br>Daz.:cheesy: