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Thanks for your comments snowman@robgomm,

Snowman, you have missed some good winners over the past couple of days lets hope now your on the bets they dont all lose. But thats racing. Good luck and i hope i can make you a few bob cheers.:cheesy:

Robgomm, I wil keep an eye on the win and placed horses and also the number of days the horse last ran starting with todays selections.Thanks:)

The profit stands at 25.62 points not bad for two days.


3.30 BOLD RAIDER- RATED 90–16  days last run

4.45 SMIRK- RATED 50– 25 days last run

5.05 ROXANNE MILL- RATED 70– 8 days last run

Catch you all later <br>Daz.:cheesy: