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Hi Dave.<br>Good to hear from you again.<br>Ive always backed un-named 2nd fav with my local ladbrokes and done bookmakers, if you bet online this can be difficult and also on course, unless you wait till the last possible minute to place your bet,if there are joint fav you will have to split your stake 50/50. Some bookmakers exept un-named 2nd favs some dont, why i do not know.<br>I have noticed the smaller the races the better they are for 2nd favs and also if the price range of the first fav and the 2nd fav is within1.25 and 1.50 points differance some of the selections fare better, although i dont have any statistical dater to prove this.<br>This system seems to provide a steady flow of winners, although we did have a long losing run last month, the system as fared well concidering this. Ithink backing to level stakes stop at a winner as also helped, plus you dont get heaps of selections that some systems throw up, 1 to 3 selections is quite normal.

Cheers <br>Daz.:cheesy: <br>