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I like the carnival.  Generally, I don’t care about half of the races on the card, and I’m very interested in the other half (the races where the form may have some bearing on my future betting: the races which feature lightlyraced European horses, like Formal Decree, Sir Gerard, Greek Renaissance, and Quijano, Laverock, etc).

And the handicaps (as Nick Mordin says) are group races in everything but name; they feature Group 1 winners, they have a narrow weight range, and they offer as much money as a Group 2 race.

I can understand why some don’t enjoy it. Sometimes, I get a vague sense that it isn’t ‘real’ racing, that its some kind of exhibition racing, the equivalent of a testimonial match or one of those meaningless World Eleven VS European Eleven football matches  – maybe its the lack of atmosphere or the way that most of the horses/trainers have a connection to the Maktoums – eventually it departs, and I enjoy it again.  <br>