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Quote: from Glenn on 2:30 pm on Mar. 1, 2007[br]

Quote: from FlatSeasonLover on 9:45 am on Mar. 1, 2007[br]

If the bet is put on after the off and therefore is void, it is in the system as a void bet. Most managers check these in a morning and if the bet lost (which it obviously will of done) then they will make the bet a loser so it effectively becomes a regular bet put on before the off that lost. Some managers aren’t quite so good however, and don’t check these, which means it stays in the system as an unpaid "winner". If this is never collected then Ladbrokes the firm get the money.

Interesting, very interesting……..

I seem to recall David Ashforth stumbling on a memo from Quarrels requesting managers to do this. It is, of course, straight forward theft.

Slimey Clare denied it was company policy. Surely he wouldn’t lie about something like this!

It seems if you’re betting after the off, you get stakes refunded if your selection wins yet your bet gets registered as a loser if it loses.

Well you should get paid out if your bet is right on the off – the system may say it is off but when you take the bet if they are jumping the first of a 3m chase then they hardly have an advantage so it would be paid out normally. In theory though Glenn what you say may be the case.