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Yeats is right on question 2 and, having attended the Richmond Stakes at Goodwood in 1983 I remember the incident well.  

Vacarme beat Creag-an-Sgor with Godstone back in third.  However C-A-S had interferred with Godstone who was subsequently placed above him at the stewards’s enquiry following the objection by Godstone’s jockey.  

During the enquiry the stewards saw that Lester Piggott on Vacarme had interferred with the long time leader Pacific King, when he couldn’t wait any longer for a gap to occur.  Under the rules, as they were then, there was no option but to put Vacarme behind 5th placed Pacific King.

Therefore C-A-S was originally 2nd, was then placed below Godstone and then, when Godstone was elevated to first place, he was re-instated to second.  That ruling was one of the main talking points of the season.