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Surely, it is races that are independent events and not calendar days that should define a person’s bets. X number of bets per day is restrictive because one day there might be nothing worthwhile and the following day there could be six or seven. Newspapers, tipsters and some(not all) tipping lines are required to sell their product on a daily or weekly basis, but horse races arrive as a continuous series of unique events stretching away into the future and not as a discrete number of races per day or any other artificial division.

That is the scientific approach, for what it’s worth and it supports those punters who bet whenever they consider the odds are in their favour.

Personally, I bet for interest and hope to break even or minimise my losses. I do this by having single bets, doubles, trebles and accumulators with a bonus of triple odds for just one winner – usually a Lucky 15. This forces you into backing four or five horses PER DAY, which is not at all scientific, but as I said, I bet mainly for amusement.

Serious bettors should bet whenever they feel like it with no self -imposed rules or restrictions about when or when not to bet. They may have their own rules relating to form, stakes and odds, but not timing.