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Too many. Particularly in the smaller races in the smaller meetings.

When I pick what I believe to be a great value bet, at the time I’m extremely sanguine, but pending that race and in between such bets I fall prey to a strange syndrome, whereby – I’m sure it’s a subliminal kind of nerves – I take false comfort in having something on the equine world and his wife.

Yet nearly always I curse for missing a bet I should have done, e.g. Billy Voddan today. A couple of years ago, everyone was saying to watch out for it, and I don’t believe it did much up to now.

The result is that win or lose on the day, my returns are much less than they should be.

As regards systems, basically they have no appeal for me, though, for example, I watch out for the Mirror’s Spotform, to see if one nag is rated at the very least 3 points above the next best-rated horse, in a field where nearly all would be rated and none foreseeable improvers.