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Posted by deleted member EC, shame he’s no longer here to give his input on this

<br>27/8/05 <br>Cartmel <br>div 1: Nov Hurdle =  4m 13.4 <br>RP comment..a fair pace to this race <br>div 2: Nov Hurdle = 4m 11.4

The second divison is 2 seconds faster than a decently run first div..both races will look the same afterwards as far as form reading is concened..but we know the 2nd division contains potentially better animals..if you belive time means anything in NH racing

In that race two horses beat the field 9 lengths..again pointing to those two horses being above the percieved level of this sort of race

Aviation won by 1.5 lengths from Moonfleet

Next time out Aviation won in the same class @ 11/4..3 runs from this noted run he won @ 28/1 a class up.

Next time out Moonfleet won @ 9/1 a class level up

<br>Wouldn’t using Class Pars  have been an ideal way of showing  these horses were capable of hacking it in higher Grades?


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