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Th only definite indicator I use about a stable being out of form is when, due to illness, the establishment is closed !! ;)

One cannot simply use "horses’ not winning" as a pointer to a stable out of form.<br>The previous example of NTD’s early form can easily be broken down. His dirth of winners since early season is entirely due to :

>The quality of race entered,<br>> the horses’ early strikes will not have gone unnoticed by the H’Capper, and penalities would have been applied making it harder to win.

How many times do you hear Trainers state, <br>" Ground, trip OK, bit competitive, BUT WE HAVE NO WHERE ELSE TO GO…due to the horse’s rating.

> Owners pressure. Most owners want their horse out of the box and on the track. The trainer of moderate horses’ are pressured to enter a race which the animal is not quite up to for various reasons.

Basically, it is the type of race entered, if a stable enters it’s early season stars into better races’ all within , say, three weeks, and are all duly beaten….it would be incorrect to label the stable out of form!