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Quote: from SirHarryLewis on 12:23 pm on Dec. 13, 2006[br]

Quote: from Aragorn on 10:58 am on Dec. 13, 2006[br]If you were to use an analogy, does a football player hold his form for the whole season? No. Is that down to the training methods of the manager and his coaches? Unlikely although there may be some impact. It’ll be due to a number of factors such as tiredness, confidence (yes I do believe that horses remember there past trips to the course), weather conditions for training and general well being.. Then you have to consider diet etc etc

In the case of Twiston-Davies you would imagine that he had trained up plenty of his horses for an early season gambit in which he can pick up prizes before the class horses appear.. You could call that good planning/training. It may also be that he has more better ground horses and wanted to run them before the winter set in?

The RP try to quantify this through there RTF stats but i’m never convinced of their worth

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while all of these may affect the form of an individual horse, it really has actually nothing to do with the stable form mystery as we understand it.  The analogy to a football team is interesting but at the end of the day a football team competes, wins and loses together, a horse doesnt.  Also at any time in a large yard, a number of horses are being trained for different targets, some are easy lists, some arent.  Nothing really changes.

The reasons for one horses running like drains is usually put down to illness because theres nothing else you really can blame.  Sometimes, this is obvious in the form of a cough, or abnormal blood counts but many times there are no clinical signs yet for some reason even the stable star is just not where he should be.  This can happen at pretty much any time of the year and the duration of its stay can very greatly.

The reason for why so many of them start fireing and almost running above themselves is a greater mystery.

Obviously I wonder is some trainers are more prone to this phenonmena then others.  It might be indeed something in the method but i dont think its anything obvious.

By the way, the same phenomena also exists in greyhound racing I believe.


But isn’t the point that collectively the individual horses make up the stable (or team)? As we are talking about the "stable" not each horse in it? I think Monkey makes a good point and one that can (almost) be likened to football teams in that, in house competition can raise the standard of the team as a whole? The difference for the trainer is that he must view each horse indiviudally, unlike us who are debating his collective output.