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Some figures on breakdowns in USA are:

Dirt 1.6% per starter<br>Turf 0.86<br>Polytrack 0.58

Even though polytrack is safer on average that still means on USA figures, 1 horse breaks down every two polytrack meetings, on average. Runs of  one or more horses breaking down in a series of meetings is quite likely as a probability statistic to occur within a season.

The other issue with Wolves is that they have used special deep (pad and cushion) harrowing this year to remove the inside bias due to compaction. If the track then recompacts unevenly by horses running in particular strips or by recent rain washing sand down cambers you get false (uneven support) ground and it is the latter which is dangerous for horse limbs. There is a huge stress on leading legs and those will be the nearside ones at Wolves.