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Quote: from empty wallet on 5:21 pm on Dec. 12, 2006[br]Yes it is about Wolverhampton, but my point is fatalities happen at other tracks and it is  probably an unfortunate set of circumstances that there have been so many in such a short space of time

I suppose if you ran the same  amount of racing at any other track we would maybe see the same amount of injuries,

Cheltenham had spate of injuries at one meeting, 10, i believe, should we blame Chelters or is it possible, it was the competitive nature  of the racing that brought about these

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There is about 2 fatality per flat course per season, I know there are going to be more in NH. But no flat racecourse has seen so many deaths in such a short time….<br>Tom Eaves has had a operation to pin his arm, the others are just bruised and battered, but will feel like they have been hit by a steam roller….

You cannot compare a incidents like this to a tuft track or jumping, its so different, for starters, a AW track has a layer of tarmac under it, which does not move, where under turf, you get that slid…and that give has a shock absorber…