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Bosra Shambles
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I appreciate that everybody has their own way of doing things, and that what works for one person might not neccessarily work for another, but there seems to be a distinct lack of logic at times on this thread.

Firstly, Arkle: is it not the case that subsequent handicapping philosophies have stopped horses being rated as high as him? The fashion in recent times has been to discredit, to not take ratings at face value, and generally rate races lower because folk are wary of giving praise, for whatever reason. That’s a stone-cold fact in my view. It applies to all walks of life – we are a cynical nation! Yet in racing this attitude prevails despite all evidence strongly suggesting that horses are better and faster than ever before. If the general level of the handicap is lower than it was forty years ago (let alone thirty, twenty or ten) how on Earth can latter-day racehorses be rated on the same level as those from the past?

Secondly, there seems to be an acceptance that a horse cannot achieve a big rating unless all other horses in the race have shown very high levels of form previously. Otherwise, the winner ‘hasn’t beaten anything’. This relates in a way back to the point I made about Arkle. The Market Man himself summed up this general attitude by saying something along the lines of ‘most developed horses are consistent and run to about the same figure every time they run’ before using this year’s 12f horses as an example. While there is clearly some truth in this, it surely isn’t the whole story. The effect this attitude has is that races cannot be rated highly, as the assumption is that most horses fall into a ratings band that they cannot ever rise out of.

If it’s green, falls from a tree and can be turned into cider I would assume it to be an apple. If more people adopted a similar apprach to horseracing – the rationale, not the supping of cider – instead of allowing themselves to be carried away to the Land of Irrational Hyperbole by the likes of Mottershead, the world of horse racing appreciation would be a better place. But somehow I don’t see it happening…<br>

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