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The Market Man
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Quote: from davidjohnson on 6:00 pm on Dec. 11, 2006[br]Historically I know you have issues with Celtic Swing TMM. Any other specific ones that lead you to this opinion?

<br>Dubai Millennium 140 – (Though at this point I must emphasise I only deal with turf. I had him 133.

<br>Mark Of Esteem 137 – (puts him way higher for example than George Washington)  (I get 129)

Hawk Wing 136 – (On the back of what? One run against mediocre opposition. I have 128)

Intikhab 135  – Almost as ridiculous as Celtic Swing’s rating. On the back of what? One win against again nothing better than average opposition. This horse could barely achieve a rating above 120 on any other performance yet one performance raises him to 135 which again puts him above the likes of George Washington). He wouldnt have beaten GW I’d’ve bet anyone my entire savings on that.

<br>You’re talking a master rating of half a stone more than I can understand. I don’t pretend to be any great brain but I use my own ratings which make far more sense to me and give me way better results than Timeforms do and yes I have compared them. They’re plain baffling. Their baffling ratings have Inktihab in a photo finish with El Gran Senor over a mile for example. LMAO absolutely not a cat in hells chance unless El Gran Senor carried at the very, very least half a stone more.  

<br>and thats just their top rated horses. To go into detail on lesser horses would take way more time than I have.