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Quote: from The Market Man on 5:24 pm on Dec. 11, 2006[br]Interesting topic.

I take your point about footballers and I suppose to a degree the same thing applies to racehorses they’re all fitter now than they were in Arkle’s day.

I wasn’t around in Arkle’s day but I’ve always been somewhat sceptical of just how brilliant Arkle was. Horse racing has been going on for years yet f you listen to general concensus the best two horses in history in either code were Arkle and Sea Bird – both in the 1960’s. It seems to me that the 60’s are the era everyone refers to. The music was best in the 60’s, the football was best, the horses were best etc etc.

Arkle beat Mill House, am I being naive in asking about the strength of the rest of Arkle’s opposition?

I don’t usualy like voicing an opinion on something I didn’t see or wasn’t around to judge for myself. <br>

<br>THe whole mill reef thing is one aspect but what about everything else.

No doubt but he achieved extraordinary things at the time and who knows, a serious look  at the times etc might reveal an evolution of horses that are better now in the same way of athletes are.  But  thats rather missing the point, i might be able to achieve more now as scientist then Newton did but why is he a pillar of the community and a representation of aspects that are great? ??  Because he was ahead of everybody else at the time.  

Im pretty sure when he beat mill house first time, he broke the track record so I suppose its hard to argue with that.  And didnt he hold the track record at sandown for a long time????