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Quote: from johnt4124 on 11:05 pm on Dec. 7, 2006[br]I must admit when I first read Nick Mordin – thought he was a genius – however the more i read from him, the more I realized he can be equally as stupid as brilliant. His opinions carry so much conviction that when they come off they look brilliant eg his winner in this yrs breeders cup classic where he stated in the racing post, i believe, that he couldnt see the winner beat – looks brilliant, reading the guy for the first time – you would be in awe of him but as i say having looked overall at his articles over a period of time – he can be equally wrong but that doesnt get remembered somehow. Hes entertaining certainly but some of his opinions seem off the wall – eg his argument that in compiling speed ratings – should ignor weight (I dont quite get that one) – personally I read his columns but would take his views with healthy sceptism.<br>

If he gives you 2 good ideas, or even one, to follow up in 10 articles that is two more than you will ever get in a lifetime from the majority of racing writers. Take every view expressed on its merits – if it has legs run with it – if not ditch it. He is a journalist (not a research scientist) that finds data to support his argument and ignores the rest. Sometimes he will still be right and possibly not know why and sometimes very wrong but he is not a writer that you skip over every time you read their first paragraph.