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Wednesday evening seems a good plan and certainly would give racing a rare chance to be centre stage, and I’m sure Hat Mancock and Dodo Harding, being racing types, would support it; but I wonder if the rest of the government would be keen on an all-singing all-dancing resumption of betting shop trade, as it might not square with their wish for a ‘cautious’ unshackling of the long-chained public

Might they take the view, with a degree of justification, that a mass piling into stuffy LBOs would constitute a potential ‘super spreading event’ notwithstanding the fact that the large majority of the betting shop demographic will have been offered and most accepted vaccination by then

Maintaining a ‘social distance’ in a bookies on Grand National day strikes me as tricky, though it could perhaps be satisfied by having the shops open during the day, permitting a steady hygienic trickle to place their bets but closing an hour or so before the race itself thus forcing folk to watch the race at home

Unduly negative maybe but racing is still getting it in the neck, rightly or wrongly, for holding Cheltenham last year and could do without yet more bad publicity