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My choice would have been Lord Badgerdon had I submitted it first, last, whenever. A euphonious, warm, pastoral, tweedy name that would suit a grizzled middle ranking staying chaser who plies his trade year after year after year at rural gaffs: my type of nag

Boogaloo McWhirter would be a horse named by the type who think naming a ship Boaty McBoatface is witty rather than naff; and would ply his trade in selling plates on the all-weather

Rabbit Alumni named by an IT graduate made good referencing an unfortunate incident that befell a chum during freshers’ week at ‘uni’

Orimbar Slattery an Irish store who spent the first five years of his life grazing the lush grass in a remote field in Co. Kerry, so he is

Whitty or what? :yes:

Good fun Mr Davies