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Great stuff, thanks

So John Upson made his millions developing Milton Keynes in the early ’80s whilst concurrently Robert Ogden was raking it in demolishing the steelworks in Sheffield: nice juxtaposition that neatly sums up those torrid times

Suny Bay was a thoroughly admirable chaser and a firm favourite of mine too. That ‘match’ with Earth Summit was a grimly grand spectacle that remains vivid; not least the thoroughly wise and sympathetic rides given by Bradley and Llewellyn

I’ve a vague memory that Suny Bay fractured his jaw in a fall: perhaps it was in the Reynoldstown you mention, which would explain his absence until the following season

National aside, his races over those big black drop fences at Haydock were eye candy, as were those of many a seasoned chaser at that once-great course

Those videos will soak up a goodly bit of yet another interminable evening tonight. Cheers :good: