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Just seen this Graham ..what a day you’ve had just can’t belive how selfish and thoughtless people can be and what a rubbish driver to do so much damage in a car park and then be let loose on our roads. God help us :wacko:

You can bet your life Morrison’s would have had cameras on the entrance & exit clocking how long you have stayed in their car park so they could dish you out a hefty fine if you overstayed your welcome. Our Tesco has notices up all over their car park to that effect.

Like your sick tyre slasher/car scratcher Nathan they also had a period when some unsavoury being was walking through rows of cars and keying their paintwork, dozens of them day after day..what kind of sick minded person would do that?

Brilliant win on the Golf Graham you must have been euphoric and sorry that it all slipped through your hands so quickly, also sorry that my horses ran so poorly today and couldn’t help you out of trouble. I was really disappointed with both of them especially Under Wraps who had dropped in Class but then looked like she needed that extra furlong as she ran on at the finish. :wacko:

Hope things pick up soon Graham and also hope the selfish barsteward who bashed into your car meets someone equally as selfish next time he/she visits Morrisons. :rose: Jac

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