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Venture to Cognac
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BigG -137.5
Supreme – Dreal Deal 20’s EW
Arkle – Allmankind 25’s EW
Champion Hurdle – Silver Streak 11’s Win
Ballymore – Wilde About Oscar 40’s EW
Champion Chase – Defi Du Seuil 20’s EW
Ryanair – Itchy Feet 40’s EW
Ryanair – Simply The Betts 25’s EW
Stayers – Emitom 33’s EW NRNB
Stayers – The Jam Man 66’s EW
Triumph – Quilixios 14’s Win
Triumph – Hell Red 20’s Win
Gold Cup – Itchy Feet 66’s EW
Gold Cup – Bristol De Mai 40’s EW
Grand National – Le Breuil 40’s EW 5
Grand National – Acapella Bourgeois 66 EW
2000 Guineas – The Lir Jet 33’s EW
1000 Guineas – Star Seeking 33’s Win
Oaks – Star Seeking 40’s EW
Derby – Latest Generation 50’s EW

Euroalien -113.15
Greatwood Cup – Senior Citizen 9’s Win
Boodles – Busselton 14’s EW
Boodles – Good Ball 18’s EW
NH Chase – Coko Beach 14’s EW
Ballymore – Holymacapony 16’s EW
Ballymore – Bob Olinger 10’s Win
RSA – The Big Getaway 20’s EW
Marsh Novices – Envoi Allen 7-2 Win
Pertemps – The Bosses Oscar 20’s EW4
Stayers – Thyme Hill 12’s Win
Paddy Power Plate – Conflated 16’s EW 5
Mares Novice – Hook Up 50’s EW
Mares Novice – Princess Zoe 12’s Win
Triumph – Nassalam 25’s EW
2000 Guineas – Master Of The Sea 16’s Win
2000 Guineas – Lucky Vega 16’s Win
1000 Guineas – Snow Lantern 33’s Win
Derby – High Definition 10’s Win
Derby – Sea The Shells 66’s EW
Derby – Van Gogh 50’s EW

Greenasgrass -109.25
Supreme – El Barra 33’s EW
Supreme – Blue Lord 33’s EW NRNB
Supreme – Ganapathi 20’s EW NRNB
Arkle – Blackbow 50’s Win
Arkle – Energumene 14’s Win NRNB
Champion Hdl – James Du Berlais 50’s EW
Champion Hurdle – Saldier 20’s Win
Mares – Minella Melody 33’s EW
NH Chase – Eurobot 33’s EW NRNB
NH Chase – Port of Mars 33’s EW
Ballymore – Blue Lord 16’s EW NRNB
RSA – Chantry House 40’s Win
RSA – Dickie Diver 50’s EW
RSA – Andy Dufresne 25’s EW
RSA – Sporting John 33’s EW NRNB
Champion Chase – Impact Factor 100’s EW
Bumper – Glengouly 40’s EW NRNB
Marsh – Sporting John 40’s EW
Marsh – Chantry House 25’s EW NRNB
Marsh – Blackbow 50’s EW
Pertemps – Lynwood Gold EW5 NRNB
Ryanair – Kalashnikov 40’s EW
Ryanair – Al Dancer 40’s EW NRNB
Mares Nov – Gauloise 25’s EW
Mares Nov – Hook Up 50’s EW
Mares Nov – Brave Way 40’s EW
Triumph – Palm Beach 33’s EW
Triumph – Tax The Max 50’s EW
Albert Bartlett – Pat’s Fancy 40’s EW
Albert Bartlett – Fighter Allen 40’s EW

Kris -101
Champion Hdl – Honeysuckle 7’s Win NRNB
RSA – Monkfish 2’s Win
Ryanair – Min 5’s Win
Stayers – Paisley Park 11-2 Win
Stayers – Thyme Hill 5’s Win
Gold Cup – A Plus Tard 7’s Win NRNB
Gold Cup – Santini 8’s Win NRNB
Lincoln – Brentford Hope 12’s Win
Derby – High Definition 8’s Win
Kings Stand – Golden Pal 16’s Win
Commonwealth – Supremacy 12’s Win

Middle of March -19.5
Supreme – Appreciate It 6-4 Win NRNB
NH Chase – Dickie Diver 12’s EW NRNB
Ryanair – Min 15-2 Win
Plate – Farclas 12’s EW 4pls
Hunters – The Worlds End 33’s EW
Mares Chase – Benie Des Dieux 6’s Win
Martin Pipe – Wide Receiver 10’s EW5 NRNB

Mincamus -65
Champion Hurdle – Sharjah 25’s EW
Champion Hurdle – Saint Roi 15-2
Champion Hurdle – Beacon Edge 50’s EW
NH Chase – Galvin 5’s Win
RSA – The Big Getaway 20’s Win
Cross Country – Easysland 5-2 Win
Bumper – Ramillies 14’s Win
Ryanair – Min 10’s Win
Ryanair – Melon 12’s Win
Ryanair – Saint Calvados 10’s Win
Mares Novice – Shewearsitwell 7’s Win
Gold Cup – Monalee 50’s EW
Gold Cup – A Plus Tard 9’s Win
Dubai World Cup – Mystic Guide 5’s Win
Kentucky Derby – Greatest Honour 16’s Win
2000 Guineas – Wembley 12’s Win
2000 Guineas – Duke of Mantua 33’s Win
Derby – Van Gogh 40’s Win

Nathan Hughes -122.09
Supreme – Flinteur Sacre 20’s Win
Supreme – Ferny Hollow 12’s Win
Arkle – Shishkin 4’s Win
Champion Hurdle – Abacadabras 7’s Win
Ballymore – Ferny Hollow 14’s Win
Ballymore – Ballyadam 20’s Win
RSA – Monkfish 10’s Win
Champion Chase – Melon 25’s EW
Champion Chase – Altior 8’s Win
Cross Country – Potters Corner 12’s Win
Bumper – Sir Gerhard 6’s Win
Marsh Chase – Envoi Allen 4’s Win
Ryanair – Samcro 12’s Win
Stayers Hurdle – The Storyteller 33’s Win
Stayers Hurdle – Paisley Park 7’s Win
Mares Novice – Gauloise 5’s Win
Triumph Hurdle – Hell Red 25’s Win
Triumph Hurdle – Quilixios 14’s Win
Triumph Hurdle – Monmiral 33’s Win
Gold Cup – Santini 7’s Win
Gold Cup – Champ 12’s Win
Gold Cup – Monalee 50’s EW
Martin Pipe – Boreham Bill 20’s Win NRNB
Grand National – Secret Reprieve 25’s Win
2000 Guineas – Etonian 25’s Win
1000 Guineas – Snow Lantern 33’s Win
1000 Guineas – Isabella Giles 25’s Win
Oaks – Snowfall 50’s Win
Derby – Hudson River 50’s Win
Derby – Wordsworth 50’s Win

Red Rum 77 -28.5
Supreme – Metier 7’s Win
Supreme – Ballyadam 9’s Win
Arkle – Allmankind 10’s Win
Ultima – Cloth Cap 16’s EW 5pls NRNB
Ultima – Dashel Drasher 16’s EW4
Champion Hurdle – Sharjah 8’s Win
Champion Hurdle – Concertista 20’s EW
Champion Chase – Put The Kettle On 14 EW
Ballymore – Gaillard Du Mesnil 10-3 Win
RSA – Royal Pagaille 8’s Win
Ryanair – Dashel Drasher 20’s EW NRNB
Ryanair – Kemboy 16’s EW
Stayers Hurdle – Sire Du Berlais 9’s Win
Stayers Hurdle – Champ 20’s EW
Stayers Hurdle – Benie Des Dieux 14’s Win
Triumph – Zanahiyr 11-4 Win
Gold Cup – A Plus Tard 10’s Win
Gold Cup – Champ 12’s Win
Lincoln – Toronado Queen 500’s EW 5pl
Grand National – Cloth Cap 25’s Win
Grand National – Discorama 50’s Win
Grand National – Moyhenna 80’s Win
Grand National – Magic of Light 25’s Win
Grand National – Takingrisks 66’s Win
Grand National – Blaklion 66’s Win
Grand National – Minellacelebration 100 W

Silent Asaassins -12
Boodles – Rivière D’Etel 14’s Win
Grand Annual – The Last Day 28’s Win
County Hurdle – Capodanno 20’s Win
Lincoln – Brentford Hope 12’s Win

TheKryptonFactor -68
Mares Novice – Hook Up 20’s EW
Mares Novice – Shewearsitwell 8’s Win

Triptych -75.25
Arkle – Darver Star 14’s Win
Champion Chase – Put The Kettle On 10’s W
Champion Chase – First Flow 14’s Win
Gold Cup – Al Boum Photo 7-2 Win
Gold Cup – Champ 12’s Win
Mares Chase – Put The Kettle On 9’s Win
Lincoln – Path of Thunder 33’s EW 5pls
Lincoln – Toronado Queen 500’s EW 5pl
Grand National – Cloth Cap 25’s Win
1000 Guineas – Snow Lantern 33’s Win
1000 Guineas – Indigo Girl 20’s Win
2000 Guineas – Thunder Moon 33’s Win
Derby – Royal Champion 50’s Win
Derby – Act of Wisdom 50’s 91 Win
Derby – Highland Avenue 33’s Win

Venture to Cognac -111.5
Bet365 Hurdle – McGowans Pass 10’s EW 4
Bet365 Hurdle – Weather Front 20’s EW 4
Morebattle – Faivoir 10’s EW 4
Morebattle – Solo 20’s EW 4 pls
Grimthorpe – Chidswell 12’s EW 3pl
Arkle – Felix Desjy 25’s EW NRNB
Ultima – Goose Man 25’s EW 5pls NRNB
Champion Hdl – Buveur D’Air 20’s EW NRNB
Champion Hdl Petit Mouchoir 66’s EW NRNB
NH Chase – Escaria Ten 16’s EW NRNB
Ballymore – Cape Gentleman 20’s EW NRNB
Coral Cup – Palmers Hill 25’s EW5 NRNB
Champion Ch – Tornado Flyer 33’s EW NRNB
Cross Country – Shady Operator 8’s W NRNB
Cross Country – Tiger Roll 5’s Win NRNB
Bumper – Three Stripe Life 12’s EW NRNB
Pertemps – No Comment 25’s EW 5 NRNB
Ryanair – Dashel Drasher 25’s EW NRNB
Ryanair – Samcro 16’s Win NRNB
Stayers – Bachasson 40’s EW NRNB
Stayers – Great White Shark 25’s EW NRNB
Stayers – The Storyteller 33’s EW
Mares Novice – Hook Up 6’s Win
Kim Muir – Sizing at Midnight 33 EW5 NRNB
Kim Muir – Time To Get Up 25’s Win
County – Proschema 20’s EW 5pl NRNB
County – Solo 25’s EW NRNB
Albert Bartlett – Stattler 10’s EW NRNB
Gold Cup – Frodon 14’s EW NRNB
Gold Cup – Royal Pagaille 50’s EW NRNB
Gold Cup – Magic of Light 66’s EW NRNB
M Pipe – Grand Paradis 14’s EW 5pl NRNB
M Pipe – Ragnar Lodbrok 25’s EW 5pl NRNB
M Pipe – Wide Receiver 10’s Win NRNB
Midlands – Seemorelights 25’s EW4
Lincoln – King Ottokar 20’s EW 5pls
Grand National – Any Second Now 20’s NRNB
Grand National – Bellshill 40’s EW NRNB
GNational – Sub Lieutenant 100’s EW5 NRNB
GNational – The Long Mile 40’s EW5 NRNB
2000 Guineas – Wembley 50’s EW