Offline vs. Online Horse Racing Betting

Offline vs. Online Horse Racing Betting

For some horse racing is a career, for others it’s an opportunity to make some bets with their local bookie. It’s assumed that sports betting was invented along with the invention of horse racing as a sport when the ancient Greek and Romans did chariot racing.

It was a very popular sport back then, and people anticipated every event with great passion. I bet that even then there were some ancient bookies that incited people to bet on who’s going to win, or die maybe. Yes, the death of the rider or the horse was a common sight in chariot races.

Today, there are many events worldwide to bet on, but there are even more betting operators that want you and your money. It’s a huge industry and the fight for bettors on the local, regional, national and international markets is huge. You can find many of them on specialized websites like, which try to shed light on who is the best bookie.

There are three kinds of horse racing to bet on: flat racing, hurdles and harness. Flat racing betting is the most commonly offered to bettors. The real question here is where to bet? Is it better offline at your local betting shop or is it better online where you have hundreds of betting websites at your fingertips with their various incentives?

It’s obvious really. Online is the more favorable option out of several reasons. Unless you are a person that likes to get out a little to his local betting shop, socialize and make friends with the bettors there, then online betting is not for you.

To bet online you just have to find a betting website of your choice that offers horse racing betting. There are many good ones out there, and it will be a tough job to filter out the finest. Once you’ve found it, you need to open an account.

It’s a 2 minute task, and after that, you get a world of betting opportunities in front of you. You get to watch statistics and scores in real-time, live feeds from races, use horse racing bonuses that give a good bankroll boost etc.

The best thing about betting on horses online is the odds. Online bookies have much better odds than those offered offline. An offline bookie has different kinds of expenses that online bookies don’t have. They have to pay wages to employees in the shop, pay for utilities and everything that comes with it.

Online bookies have cut many of those expenses inherent to offline betting shops and are able to transform them into improved odds. It’s not a problem for them because that way they entice more customers, and more customers means more profit.

And if you are a person that can’t afford to go to a betting shop, then online horse racing betting is perfect for you because of a little thing called mobile betting. Just pop out your smartphone or tablet and bet on the go.

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