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    Also does anyone know what the horse that was meant to run in this race actually looks like? Given it had never run before we only have the trainers word for it that they look similar.

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    Charlie McBride fined only £1500 by the BHA, at least Charlie will be able to pay off some of his fine with his winnings from backing the wrong horse :scratch:

    Absolutely pathetic from Rust & Co

    Lets hope other countries don’t follow such a bad example when dealing with any similar incident, I’m sure they wont.

    Agree it was too lenient but why is it ‘Absolutely pathetic from Rust & Co’?


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    Why bother spending months stopping horses from winning before unleashing them at 50/1 when you can just send out a ringer instead and get a slap on the wrist?

    I assume that horses must be chipped. Is it too much to ask that said chip is scanned down at the start to stop this farcical situation happening again?


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    Agree it was too lenient but why is it ‘Absolutely pathetic from Rust & Co’?

    Who was responsible for the lenient sentence Ken?

    In fact the lenient sentence was well signposted in advance by Rust in a couple of interviews prior to the hearing, don’t know why they bothered with a panel.

    Rust stated it was a “genuine” mistake and there were no “suspicious” betting patterns. Rust even said, wrongly as it happens, no punter lost out because they all got paid double result.

    Well that’s alright then, forget about all the punters at the track (come racing), on the Tote or on the exchanges who lost out considerably.

    One of the horses has distinct white markings on her forehead and a hind leg yet McBride complained he was still a grand out of pocket after using his winnings from his bet. The guy should have been warned off for 2 or 3 months in an effort to help focus his mind.

    What penalty would he have received in other countries?

Viewing 4 posts - 31 through 34 (of 34 total)

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