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    Good taking point on the Fourm this morning about travelling staff not getting free food and drink at racecourses accept a few courses but trainers and owners do.. Personally i think its disgraceful on the food side because most of the cooked food will be put in the bin anyway a free meal for the staff wouldn’t be that costly.. drinks maybe a bit different but 1 free drink none alcoholic wouldn’t be so costly would it ?

    Or if that’s to costly what about meals and drinks at cost prices for staff so they make no profit on it?

    These people keep the show on the road without them no racing.. its always the little people forgotten in this sport! 🙁

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    These are the heart and soul of racing and should be treated accordingly!!

    A free meal and a soft drink would be at least what they deserve!!


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    Couldn’t agree more with the posters above.
    This is simply another example of racing’s elitism , which turns so many people off from the sport.


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    Disgrace, I had no idea. I just assumed they’d get it. A cup of tea or draught soft drink cost literally pennies. Wouldn’t exactly break the bank to offer them a pasty/pie or something either. Hats off to those courses that do provide it.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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