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    only thing would be when Classic Winners of different years take each other on they’d be doing so at level weights. ie a 4yo taking on a 5 or 6 year old.

    To be honest this is the argument and why I for one would actually be in favour should it be brought in universally across the globe.

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    Ex RubyLight
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    Does anyone remember Swain?
    Never ran at 2, first race at 3 in May and won twice the KG at 5 and 6. Even more remarkable is the fact that the King George was won FOUR YEARS IN A ROW by horses born in the same year 1992.
    Lammtarra 1995
    Pentire 1996
    Swain 1997 and 1998

    That was quite a good year…..

    How great it would have been to see Lammtarra racing at 4 and 5 years as well?

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    I wouldn’t mind getting rid of two-year old races.
    First of all, it’s unfair to run animals that aren’t fully matured or haven’t even reached their 2nd birthday. This happens quite often in March or April when late foals take on horses born in January or February two years ago. For a punter betting on two-year old races is simply a guessing game. They can improve a lot faster than older horses and no one knows what to expect after a 5-6 week break or towards the end of the season. Are they running out of fuel or just getting mature and more experienced and improve for the step up in trip?

    Looking at what used to be a two-year old operation, Ballydoyle has now become very poor at getting one ready first time out. I think they’ve only had like 3 or 4 first time out winners in the past two seasons. Looking back at the 90s, it was especially Michael Tabor who landed quite regularly decent bets with 1st time out winners trained by A P O’Brien. Things have changed for them as far as successful breeding goes. All their top sires weren’t famous for being spectacular two year olds, though they still had winning form: Camelot only ran twice and both times over a mile, Galileo one race over a mile very late in the season, Montjeu just two runs over 8f and 9f on heavy going in France, High Chaparral ran three times at 2, but also made his debut in September.

    Maybe the “German solution” isn’t a bad one, since they have very few 2-year old races and the first ones are rarely run before July. Horses get to know the track and the competition, but very late in the season and aren’t overraced. Can’t stand those idiots who run their juveniles 12, 15 or almost close to 20 times during a season.

    That ‘guessing game’ as you put it is half the fun i think.

    If you do your research, value is everywhere in the 2 year old races.

    Caravaggio last year for example. Lots of us were on for the Coventry stakes antepost after his speed figures in a 2 year old maiden at Dundalk.

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    I don’t know how much you are familiar with the role British horse racing plays all over the world. They host the most prestigious race – the Grand National, they host the most prestigious meeting – Royal Ascot and they have the most unique racecourses in the world PLUS so much more….
    Britain is THE world leader in terms of horse racing, you can compare them with the Dow Jones Index. It almost doesn’t matter how other economies or companies perform, everybody looks at the Dow Jones first. And that is the very same with British horse racing.
    Everything that they initiate is taken seriously all over the racing world. And if they would take certain steps to improve the quality of the breed, I think that would have a much bigger impact then if it had happened in Norway or India.

    That’s good to hear, seeing we will be continuing with both two year old races and using the whip. Nice to know others will be following our excellent example. :good:

    Kentucky Spring
    Kentucky Spring
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    Thanks for uploading the video Silk. It was a very good race to watch even without the whip. Let me ask you something: what happens in Denmark if the winner gets hit 5-6 times and wins by a very narrow margin?
    Does only the jockey get banned or will the horse also lose the race?

    Xruby I cannot find the the rule in the book. Jocks told me of it and I can see it in the races, but looked up the Stewards decisions and so far the jockey is punished when in breach, fines and bans. If the whip is used in 2yo races the horse could be disqualified (most likely would be), but thats not a new rule. The Riders are only allowed an 70cm cushionstick incl 17 cm thickened soft flap in all races.

    Best Wishes


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    <p abp=”321″>Part of the enjoyment of the winter for me is not only enjoying the jumps but also looking forward to the classics and speculating which two year olds might become champions at three.

    <p abp=”322″>Not to mention we’d lose all those great races like the queen mary, the gimcrak and the dewhurst. We’d have never seen the breathtaking Zafonic take his opposition apart in the Salamandre and Dewhurst and Arazi run right by them in the breeders cup.

    <p abp=”323″>No, no, no. Fortunately it’s a daft idea and will never happen.

    <p abp=”324″>Although it would save me a small fortune as I tend to get hammered on two year old races 😉

    <p abp=”325″>To be fair, Judge; I think what people are suggesting is making the three year old season the same as the current 2 year old season. So you’d pretty much still get those races, they’d just be 3 year olds taking part in the Dewhurst etc. Classic year would be 4 year olds. You’d be “speculating” which 3 year old would become champions or classic winners at four. Punters may not see much difference; only thing would be when Classic Winners of different years take each other on they’d be doing so at level weights. ie a 4yo taking on a 5 or 6 year old.

    <p abp=”326″>it’s still different though isn’t it? it just wouldn’t be the same. three year olds aren’t the same as two year olds and they don’t develop as much from three to four as they do from two to three so wouldn’t be the same level of excitement.

    <p abp=”327″>I hate it when people mess with tradition. for example they are moving the pga championship from sep to may which will ruin the tournament imo. if it’s not broke why fix it….

    Is it messing with tradition though, or is our current Flat racing what is messed up. Example: looking at Eclipse and his racing history on our good friend Wiki he didn’t race until he was 5 and was running 2 to 4 mile heat races, something that would never be considered today. Sprints as we know them (under a mile) were unheard of I believe. It was long distance competitions/match races that were the basis of what became flat racing.

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    You’re talking about more ancient history though. More recent flat racing history two year old racing has played a prominent part. You want to throw that all away? Would drive more followers away from a game that is already struggling.

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