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    I’ve been around more years than I care to remember and throughout my life there have, unfortunately, been many terrorist attacks in this country and around the world.

    All are, of course, terrible.

    However what happened last night in Manchester is different – many have said the same today – namely there are no words to describe the depravity of what happened.

    To deliberately target an event predominantly aimed at teenagers and children is simply beyond comprehension – how twisted can a mind be to think such an atrocity could help any cause?

    These losers, as Trump calls them (and it’s probably the first time I’ve agreed with anything he has said), are amoral psychopaths, they are not animals because even animals would not do such a thing – they are sub-human.

    However they must not be allowed to intimidate us and the best all of us can do in memory of the 22 who did not make it home, is to carry on as normal – to live our lives normally and not be cowed.

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    It really is a new low.

    I was in Guildford at the time of the IRA bombing – driving through – and luckily about a mile away from the explosion.

    It just appals me of how the human race treats each other at times.

    So, depressing.

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    It just breaks your heart to see the beautiful faces of those lost on Monday night never to return to those that loved them, and thoughts go out to all families caught up in this hideous act of cowardice against innocent children and young people enjoying a night out at a pop concert.

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...

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    Going viral is the 93 year old jewish lady and muslim guy praying together at the scene. Believe me its extermely beautiful and moving

    The attack was disgusting ofcourse and the hatred for young girls is no coincidence.

    The response has to be firm. We stand up and face them down. The alternative is the disgusting reponse suggested by some after Charlie Hebo whereby we cravenly listen to their demands or whereby we withdraw action, appease and let them run riot. That is a clear and present insult to the memory of the victims

    The gloating by some online that these attacks are purely due to “western intervention” are exposed as pure stupidity now that Sweden and Belgium are getting the brunt of it too

    There is no easy answer but keeping intelligence high (its generally been very effective with much help from the muslim community) and blowing up their leaders with those wonderful drones is the way forward. AQ has been severely diminished since BL was killed and the paedophile took over

    But first and foremost we must never forget the victims.

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