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    As I grow into adult life, I find I have an ever-growing list of companies who have given me customer service experiences so poor that I would never use them again.

    Here’s the list so far:

    – Virgin Mobile
    – BT
    – Wren Kitchens
    – HSBC
    – Countrywide Lettings

    Who would you add to the ‘don’t even go there!’ list?

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    Venture to Cognac
    Venture to Cognac
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    There are no words to describe how bad JD Sports customer service is, I had an ordeal with them last week that I hope I never have to repeat. Actually, it may be unfair to criticise their Customer Service, as they don’t actually have any.

    My mum had a horrendous time of it from Argos last year, which if it had continued for one more day, I was heading over to the store with a Baseball Bat, with a rusty nail sticking out of it.

    Also horrendous……..

    Talk Talk


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    LostSoldier; my DIL’s SIL has had awful problems with Wren Kitchens. I assumed it was a one off sort of thing but from what you say they sound pretty dodgy…

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    You’ve jogged my memory on a few of those, VTC. I’m a TalkTalk customer but I dread the times I actually have to ring them. Last time I wanted to change my plan, they were having systems trouble while processing my order. Instead of putting me on hold, the South African customer service guy started trying to make smalltalk…”what are you hobbies?” etc. He ended up rambling for 20 minutes about the Durban July racing festival. :unsure:

    I can vouch for Argos being rubbish too, at least they were 15-20 years ago! I was a miserable 8-year-old when I found my Christmas gameboy defective. We went back to exchange EIGHT times and none of them worked. :negative: Scarred.

    Yeah Wren are annoying, Moe. We’re having the kitchen done at the moment. Lovely quality kitchen units but they’ve messed us around three or four times already. Twice they called us in for the initial appointment only to turn us away because the designer was off sick. Couldn’t they have phoned me to save me the journey? The designer himself was a bit clueless too. Our kitchen fitter practically rewrote Wren’s plans because they just wouldn’t work, didn’t account for gas meters, pipes, electric sockets etc. To top it all off, various pieces were missing when they made the delivery. Not good.


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    Virgin Media are awful. Dreadful call centre and arrogant stuff you attitude. Worst of the worst. I would happily burn them down. they have frequently discharged too.

    I enjoyed going into Currys to buy a new vacuum recently. They spent time showing me the whole thing and then i told them i would rather saw my own head off than buy anything fromn you aresholes and ill get it online thank you very much. Vile company

    My business clients all have big probloems with HSBC. Their service has collapsed

    But how about good?

    Lakeland must be best of all. Truly excellent to deal with. John Lewis are decent too

    i recently had a major error on my bank account by Nationswide who took out 9k in mortgage rather than £177. First direct txted to say my account was stopped (although they put it through\)

    Nightmare? No. First Direct resolved very quickly and Nationwide were excellent. All done in 15 minutes and with good grace. Both always been first class

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    Argos are grim. I ordered a shaver on their Fast Track service and when I went in to collect it on their promised, “You’ve paid already, collect in as little as 30 seconds” service. The item wasn’t even in the store. I was told to come back the following day but was subsequently told my shaver was not on the delivery van for some reason. They promised to call me when the item came into the store. I never received a call and when going in the following day, I was told the shaver was in the store but nobody knew where it was. The manageress said she didn’t have time to “Pick” my item but I insisted that she go and get my Fast Track item.

    When she came back with it, she said she was too busy to process my collection. Instead I had to stand three feet away from my item, whilst four other members of staff had a go at doing the “process required” to let me collect my razor. It was literally 30 minutes before they actually handed me my paid for “Instant Collection” order.

    I complained to customer services and was offered £5 compensation. I refused and eventually got far enough up the complaints process to get the £25 I had demanded for the hassle.

    On another occasion, My Fast Track order still wasn’t in the store ten days after I had ordered it. When I complained in the store they simply gave me the height of abuse. It took me a while to get get to the very top of the complaints ladder but ultimately they gave me three cash amounts, £15, then £20 and finally £30. £65 just about covered the time and hassle. However, when the Regional Manager emailed me to see if they had won me back as I customer, I swiftly replied that I wouldn’t be back. Amazon are the beneficiary of that.

    Amazon are a typically, minimum wage for the grunt workers and low paid managers outfit. Low salary does not buy you good managers and the one who runs my local Argos does not have a clue. From the hand writing on the paperwork, I could tell that it had taken three different people to stick a £20 note in an envelope and send it to my house. Surely that’s a one person job?

    Talk Talk are awful. I enquired about a better deal, as I had been informed that the same good deals are available to New and Existing Customers alike. I was told by their rep in the Chat facility that I couldn’t get a new deal because I was an existing Customer. He then spent about half an hour trying to get me to upgrade to Talk Talk TV and other rubbish I had made clear at the start of the call was of no interest to me.

    In the end, he advised that Unlimited Broadband and Anytime Calls would be £21.60 a month on top of my Line Rental. I informed him I would be cancelling but he never budged an inch. I am now with Sky and have unlimited Broadband, plus unlimited anytime calls for just £9 a month over my line rental. I also have a 60% discount on My basic Sky package and Sky Sports. I recently received a letter from Sky saying that my 60% discount was being extended for another year.

    The thing with Sky is that they are so inconsistent. My nephew tried to get a better deal with them but was told he was getting no discount at all, far less the 60% off that I am getting for the next 14 months. He said he was leaving, they tried to call his bluff and he is now with a rival company for all his needs.

    I guess that actually cancelling is the only way to negotiate a better deal. I have cancelled Sky about three times in the last 20 years and if they know you are serious, they are more likely to try to hold onto you.

    That’s my experience and advice on dealing with companies who let you down. Be persistent and do what you say you will do in order to let them know you mean business.

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