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    Well that’s the 2nd week done and dusted, and it’s all change at the top. It’s
    Jac’s stable, THE KAUTO STARS, that has come roaring through from 9th to take the
    top spot :yahoo: Very well done Jac, that was some week you had in this compy….and
    everywhere else for that matter.

    Close on Jac’s heels is Graham Black (Galaxy’s Chasers) who has been dislodged from the
    top spot, but is still only a nose behind by a mere 10 points. Glad to see you’ve kept
    your run going Graham, keep up the good work :good:

    It’s good to see a new TRF member come in and make his mark right away. M Nijjar (Man
    Superstars) has an impressive week and bolts up to 3rd place. Very well done Mike :good:

    Plenty of time, and I’m sure there will be lots more movement in the coming weeks. We’re
    doing well TRF, let’s all keep it going and we can start to see ourselves climbing up the
    League Of leagues competition. Best of luck this week :good:

    1 Jacqueline Monk The Kauto Stars 09-11-17 9 7 285
    2 Graham Black Galaxy’s Chasers 20-11-17 8 7 275
    3 M Nijjar Man Superstars 18-11-17 7 4 262
    4 James Jones Gud things 17-11-17 7 4 250
    5 Damien McShane On The Snaff 08-11-17 7 4 235
    6 Liam gerard steven Mannion Bloggie 16-11-17 5 6 235
    7 Darren Callanan InAinmAVautour 18-11-17 5 7 225
    8 Kieran Murray TirNaNog 17-11-17 7 6 220
    9 Heston Valentino Jan Molby Blood Eagle 11-11-17 9 4 219
    10 Michael Chatwin Sycamoredesign 29-11-17 6 4 215
    11 Graham Clark FIRSTFENCEFALLERS 06-11-17 5 4 210
    12 Eamon Higgins Galwayforliam17 17-11-17 4 4 210
    13 Andrew Sutherland Teaformee 15-11-17 8 3 209
    14 Hugh Welsh Goodfellow 16-11-17 7 3 207
    15 Alan Shaw Shaws Superstars 16-11-17 6 7 200
    16 Stephen Cunningham kAMIKAZE hOOPS 15-11-17 6 7 200
    17 Peter Mernagh Peter Mernagh 20-11-17 6 4 197
    18 Sean Rock Spital Lodge 10-11-17 4 7 195
    19 Sean Aston Lucy and Sam’s allstars 17-11-17 5 4 192
    20 Mark Thompson Market Manor 11-11-17 4 6 190
    21 Ajay Ramgoolam Clown Chamberlin 13-11-17 4 5 190
    22 Robert Barlow The Lilypad 10-11-17 7 7 177
    23 Charles Olney Slouch House 09-11-17 4 6 170
    24 Sean O’Brien Cheesecake Racing 16-11-17 5 3 165
    25 Ian Tidmarsh Moet and Pizza Darlings 03-11-17 4 4 160
    26 Terry Brisland Blades Belters 18-11-17 4 8 155
    27 Thomas Rowe Not Today Stables 15-11-17 3 0 140
    28 David Ward Regal Reform 17-11-17 5 2 137
    29 Virginia Rowlands Greenasgrass 15-11-17 5 6 135
    30 George Maydell Middle Of March 17-11-17 4 7 130
    31 Graham Simms Silent Assassins 17-11-17 5 6 122
    32 Philip Mc cormack Mc Cormack Marauders 16-11-17 4 8 120
    33 Kelan Mc Carney Magic carrots 13-11-17 4 2 115
    34 Paul Irwin Inthestream 03-11-17 5 7 112
    35 Nathan Hughes Show me The Mane Salah. 06-11-17 5 3 110
    36 William Kedjanyi Stoke Hill House 17-11-17 4 0 110
    37 Mark Allison Subliminal Celtic 14-11-17 4 6 105
    38 Iain McNulty Tipzer 17-11-17 5 4 102
    39 Alex Milbourn Norfolk’n’wayIwin 16-11-17 3 4 100
    40 Catherine Tonge Firle Flyers 13-11-17 5 7 90
    41 Thomas Stewart Gemix 15-11-17 4 7 89
    42 Phil Clarke Kauto Kings 11-11-17 3 4 82
    43 Jason Feely GREENJIM 14-11-17 3 0 75
    44 Bobby Wardrope F.A.B 17-11-17 3 7 72
    45 Joe Mcnally Lazybet 16-11-17 2 3 50
    46 Lois Davis Team Lois 18-11-17 1 0 25
    47 David Cormack Hibee Horseys 17-11-17 1 0 20
    48 Steve Franklin Barrow Raiders 18-11-17 0 0 0


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    bueveur and irving 1-2 plus total recall picks havn’t done me any harm. :good:

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    Brilliant stuff Mike, that was a great day you had, and at the moment it fires
    you to the top of the tree :good: There are a lot of decent races tomorrow at
    Fairyhouse, and I think quite a few stables will have runners in them.

    I was really hopeful for AMERICAN today, but it seems that he suffered an overreach
    to his left fore. I hope he recovers quickly from it, I just hope he’s not destined to
    miss out on the top prizes, he is undoubtedly talented but fragile.

    Good luck for the rest of the week guys n galls :good:

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    Well done today Mike 😉 :good: Hoping to catch up a little tomorrow with Apples Jade and Nichols Canyon.
    Looks like you have some decent horses running tomorrow Graham expect you’ll be making a repeat appearance on Page 1 all being well.
    Buveur D’Air made it all look so easy I think he would have done a Bristol De Mai and win by miles but Geraghty looked after him..
    What an exciting Cheltenham to look forward too can’t wait to see him take on Faugheen.
    Good luck …Jac X :good:
    Also hoping that American comes out of this OK he’s still young and this was a big ask. :heart:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    Well done Graham 3 winners today :yahoo: I think our League remains around 33rd but lots of points came in for us this weekend.
    Even with 11 winners I’ve dropped to 7th but lots of time to recover. Kicked myself for putting 2 horses in same race when it wasn’t a bonus..Apples ran away with it didn’t she? But Nichols Canyon was on his first run and I think he’ll improve for that.
    Old Saddler Maker could sure turn them out..What a shame
    he’s no longer with us…
    Seems our League has grown to 50 now and most seem to be playing for max points with just a few at the back end who haven’t made any transfers.
    Good luck next week, keeping fingers crossed that Yorkhill will run on Sunday.Good luck to all..Jac :rose:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...

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    Think Willie may have the John Durkan earmarked for Djakadam again Jac….but don’t worry I expect Yorkhill will bolt up for you in the Lexus :good:

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    Cheers green I’m looking forward to seeing him again. :good: This compy and Vtc’s 10 to follow is helping me stop pining away for days at Newmarket..LOL
    At least the money stays around a tiny bit longer too before it tips into the bookies satchel 😉

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    I was delighted the way things went today Jac, it got me back to just off the 1st page, but
    as I fancied all 3 so much I stuck them on. I’m not into aftertiming so I’l just post it in
    case anyone thinks I’m at the madam ………….

    12/3/2017 1:09:51 PM 214/
    254 W:30.00 Treble Fairyhouse 13:30/Outright Betting Apple’s Jade 6/5 Won C £30.00 £513.00
    Fairyhouse 14:35/Outright Betting Death Duty 8/11 Won
    Fairyhouse 15:10/Outright Betting Presenting Percy 3/1 Won

    That was a nice little return for me, and I’ve been doing not bad of late, although it doesn’t look
    like it from your Saturday compy. Saturday was much the way I’ve been going in that, 2 of my 3 hit
    the crossbar, and my 2 reserves waltzed in :wacko:

    Don’t worry Jac, it wont be long before you’re climbing back up there, and you’re so right about Saddler
    Maker, he would have been so proud with the likes of Apples Jade, Bristol De Mai and Alpha Des Obeaux
    all making their mark in top class races.

    As you mentioned Jac, We’ve moved a little up the League Of Leagues, that’s really encouraging, I just
    hope that we can encourage a few Stables who haven’t as yet made any transfers yet to get involved. I’m
    beginning to sound like someone’s mum, but I noticed that a few stables who did make changes for last week,
    and some of those had Buveur Dair in their Stable, but had their Star on a horse that wasn’t running. If
    anyone is having any problems getting their Stable Star onto their nominated horse, please just ask for help.
    The 50 points you got for Buveur Dair really should have been 100 points. Sorry for labouring the point again
    this week, I haven’t in the 2 previous competitions, it’s just that we’re all wanting to do well individually,
    but we are all playing together for TRF this year.

    Come on the TRF :good:

    Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes
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    I had my star on Whisper, BigG, how close was that………. 😥

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n
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    I had my star on Whisper, BigG, how close was that………. 😥

    I really though he had it won Nath. That was really hard luck, especially when it looked
    like you had the 100 points in the bag 🙁

    Plenty of points coming up with mega Bonus races around Christmas, bag a couple of those
    and you’ll be full of Christmas cheer again :good:

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    I was shouting for Whisper to fight back for you Nathan but he couldn’t hear me :wacko:
    Really thought he was going to win it.

    That was a neat little bet Graham you’ll have to start posting up those Stable Star horses in my Saturday compy, because they all ran so well on Sunday and a nice price for Presenting Percy for that treble.

    Just got home from a Christmas Quiz and my heads buzzing, no horse racing questions and I now know a lot of useless information like what is the fruit of the Castanea Sativa tree called (answer Sweet Chestnut) come to think of it Castanea Sativa is a great name for a racehorse, maybe if you keep getting winning tickets Graham we can all get together and buy one, 😉

    Lets hope the new Stables start to move their stars about a bit more to stop wasting their points,
    although sometimes when I’m making changes it’s hard to have to keep remembering to press CONFIRM
    for every change. I usually move my Star last of all before pressing UPDATE at the bottom of my list, don’t know why you just can’t make all your changes and then press Confirm All Changes…done. :good: Jac

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...
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    I made a mistake last week. I subbed Top Notch out after his Ascot success but he’s running in the Peterborough this weekend, which means I’ll have to waste a substitution bringing him back into the fold.

    Henderson would be proud of that lack of foresight


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    I thought that was the idea. Take out ones that don’t run for ones that do run. :good:

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    I made a mistake last week. I subbed Top Notch out after his Ascot success but he’s running in the Peterborough this weekend, which means I’ll have to waste a substitution bringing him back into the fold.

    Henderson would be proud of that lack of foresight

    Lol, if it makes you feel any better Mark, I walked into that one too :wacko:
    I took him out my Stable after he won at Ascot as I didn’t see him returning
    for a few weeks at the very least. It’s not like Nicky flinging them out so quickly,
    but admittedly he didn’t have a hard race, and won as he liked. Maybe he was entered
    in the Peterborough Chase ( I assume of the 2 he’s entered in he’d head there) in
    case they feel he’s recovered in time, if he’s still there at the 2 day dec stage,
    I think I might be sticking him back in.

    It’s at that time when I’m thinking about the Christmas races, I might have to miss out
    on sticking one or two in for this or next week, to stick in a few that give me a good
    shout at the Bonus Races around Christmas. It’s a tricky balancing act, although it’s
    easier this year with the 3 transfers, which personally I think are too much.

    With regard to the problem with the League Of Leagues scoring, I got a reply back yesterday
    after raising the matter with them………..

    Kathryn McHale <>
    Dec 4 (1 day ago)

    to me
    Hi Graham,

    Thank you for your email and pointing out this issue. I will make our development team aware of this in the morning and look to resolve this hopefully this week.

    I will let you know once this has been updated.

    Kind regards,
    Stable Stars team

    I see the problem still exists today, I hope they get it sorted out quickly. I must admit I’m
    surprised they got it wrong, it’s very basic :unsure:

    Good luck this week TRFers :good:

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    With regard to the problems with the place marking in the League Of Leagues, which I
    raised with ATR a few days back, I received the following reply today …………..

    Website Administrator
    4:44 PM (1 hour ago)

    to me
    Hi Graham,

    We have fixed and updated the league of leagues leaderboard. Please check it out and let us know if you notice any remaining issues on it.

    Thank you very much for your email and for appreciating our game. Best of luck this season!

    Stable Stars Team

    From: Kathryn McHale
    Sent: Monday 4 December 2017 17:55

    I’ve checked through it and they are now scoring correctly and taking account of joint placings. We
    are currently joint 44th out of 229 Stables, so we’re doing well enough and hopefully we can climb
    up a bit over the coming weeks. Let’s hope we have a good Christmas with the number of Bonus races
    there are around that time. I think that, and Cheltenham, will be the crunch periods, so keep an eye
    open to having a few in now for the Christmas period.

    I’ll update the League tomorrow after racing is finished, but I’ll give my reminder now for transfers
    for week 4 to be in by 11pm tomorrow. The BONUS RACES are The Tingle Creek at Sandown
    on Saturday, where Fox Norton will no doubt be all the rage, and the John Durkan Memorial Chase at
    Punchestown on Sunday which is much more open with Djakadam, Sizing John and Disco at the forefront
    of the market.
    Good luck all :good:

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