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    Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes
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    ..But are some more equal than others…….?

    GM’s very good Irish Dominance thread was going off track with recent form of Mullins, Elliott and Harrington popping up

    Ginger brought up about them all going from below average to top rated on his trainers form ratings and saying it’s very rare.

    My point was the weeks leading up to the festival the other races with the lesser ability of horse have far less significance due to Cheltenham being the focus

    I’m sure the connections are trying to win the races leading up to the races


    The build up to Cheltenham for yards can stretch to more than weeks to months even the whole year can be a build up to the festival for certain horses therefore in my opinion and guesswork it makes sense that the better horses that run in the better races running for the better prize money take priority in a stable.

    Better preparation, focus, training, best work riders, comfy beds, 2nd helpings of food :rose:
    will surely go to the stable stars or am I wrong…?

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n
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    I’m not sure Nathan. I think all owners pay the same training fee per horse so it would be wrong for the trainer not to give each beast best effort – and wouldn’t second helpings of food make them fat lol.

    However, I reckon that common sense would dictate that the best work riders sit on the better creatures, why take the risk with an inexperienced kid, and I suppose it’s only human nature that a trainer will be more sensitive to everything concerning his/her classier charges who are probably owned by a powerful figure.


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    Some owners can afford to aim a horse purely at Cheltenham whereas others need to win a race or two along the way.

    Kentucky Spring
    Kentucky Spring
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    I believe horses are more equal at smaller yards with a variety of owners. Result craving owners with waiting abilities.

    Best Wishes

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