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    bob rolf
    bob rolf
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    Here’s the podium finish for this season




    Very well done to ELCARTERO on winning this season’s 4PP, ELCARTERO has been right up near the top virtually all season and posting good scores week after week and this week’s winning nap selection gives ELCARTERO the points needed to take the title…ELCARTERO won the title back in season 2012/13 and was third in 2016….just 5 points back in the runners-up spot is the long time leader BERIEB, who won the October competition and posted 3 times in the ‘big priced winners’ section…the third place on the podium is LONDONHARRY2, who posted the second highest weekly top score of the season and also featured 3 tims in the ‘big priced winners’ section.
    Once again well done to ELCARTERO on being crowned 4PP Champion 2017/18…I will be in touch via messaging regards your winners prize

    Many thanks to David and all at The Racing Forum and to everyone that has taken part this season, in the competition’s 20th year

    4PP CHAMPIONSHIP 2017/18
    7th October 2017 to 24th February 2018
    Final League Table
    24th February (week 21 of 21)

    558 BerieB
    527 Londonharry2
    503 ChrissyE
    500 Steveh31
    493 Threewood3
    482 Raycyn
    476 Grey Desire
    471 Archie
    468 FappyR
    431 Sixtoone1
    423 Robnorth
    406 Steve H
    404 Aaronizneez
    395 Hot Fuss
    394 Laver7
    392 Rainyman
    390 Brenda
    388 Pat123
    384 Bob Rolf
    373 Triptych
    370 Jordon
    370 Greenasgrass
    368 Michael Walsh
    352 John Williams
    345 Yahoo
    345 BigG
    343 Ted
    342 Sea Pidgeon
    339 Scratville
    331 RacingNews
    319 CharlesOlney
    314 Venture to Cognac
    310 Latefortheraces
    310 Grundy
    295 Eddy7
    289 Lyla40
    284 Anne7
    281 Nathan Hughes
    278 Kingmonkey
    269 RayH
    266 J-Parsons
    263 Wyldesyde
    263 Steve75
    262 Cantlow
    259 007canfordcliffs
    258 Over2u
    232 Andrew_03
    231 Justbetting
    194 Flash15
    191 FisherMan70
    170 Isinglass
    167 Turn-of-foot
    152 Red Rum77
    152 AndrewSaunders5
    125 Mick Slade58
    119 Laney7
    106 Tetleys
    102 LostSoldier3
    093 Merlin the Magician
    086 Dessie73
    079 LeeSH
    045 Shevral
    044 Gingertipster
    030 Dfward
    005 Goodfellow
    000 Postie000

    Nathan Hughes
    Nathan Hughes
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    Well, well, well
    would you adam and eve it….!!!
    Elcartero the winner, well done mate

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years bob.
    Don’t know what we will do if you ever hang up your calculator

    Don't Eat The Pie and Don't Buy The S*n
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    Congratulations Elcartero, a terrific score and a very worthy winner. I hope the bookies paid
    dearly for your inspired choices mate :good:
    Great efforts by BerieB, so close just missing out on the top spot, and Londonharry2 in the 3rd
    spot. Very well done guys :good:

    Thanks again Bob, it’s a top notch competition you run here. 20 years and still going strong :good:


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    Many thanks for your kind comments BigG and Nathan; much appreciated.
    …and a huge ‘thank you’ as always to Bob for all his hard work and dedication and to David of course for making it all possible.

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    Well done Elcartero, it was a good close finish and thanks Bob for putting the work into running the competition week after week


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    Thank you BerieB…Could have gone either way but on this occasion I was the lucky one.


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    Well done elcartero, BerieB and LondonHarry, great scores
    Thanks Bob, really enjoyed my first go at this competition, thanks for all your hard work.

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    Well done Elcartero your great consistent tipping each week has paid dividends and what a close call at the finish, BerieB a worthy second. :good:
    Thanks to Bob for running this and looking forward to the start of the next one.
    Jac :bye:

    Things turn out best for those who make the best of how things turn out...

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    Thank you Jac and greenasgrass…looking forward to the next one after Bob’s had a well earned break.


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    Well done Elcartero! Thanks Bob for the competition!


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    Thank you Steve…I had a bit of luck on the last day!


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    Congrats elcartero on a top effort, also well done to BerieB and Londonharry2 on filling the places. Thanks as always to Bob on all the hard work during the year.

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    2.05 Pactolus
    1.50 Dentley De Mee
    2.25 Fidux(Nap)
    3.35 Fourth Act

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