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    I remember last season in the King George 06, monets garden went a really good looking confident gallop in front (all the talk in the run up was that he should outstay kauto) and was looking fit and jumping well (eventually emptying 4 out or so). What I noticed the whole way round was that Kauto star was travelling like an absolute superstar in behind, and didnt even look to be breaking sweat when the other were in trouble.
    To be fair, though, he jumped through the last fence rather than over it that day.

    He wasnt even made to travel in last years GC, but travelled pretty well behind the free wheeling Fair Along on saturday at a fast gallop.

    I wouldnt bet on Kauto Star being unable to stay any distance, any time he has been asked to travel he has, you can only be hopeful he wont if you take him on. The horse is a phenomenon.


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    Surely the BHA could do a massive publicity drive over the next few weeks.

    You just know that they won’t but how about a TV ad and some large advertising billboards in town centres & high streets?

    The TV ad could end with a black screen with Friday Mar 14 – 3.15pm as the text rather like a film or new car promo. They could show footage of both horses in action and maybe use Madonna’s ‘Jump’ as the soundtrack. Or ‘Get It On’ by T-Rex!


    Welcome back everyone, and a good evening to PETE, MIKE and CRIZZY hope you enjoyed the Adverts :lol: , they sent me to sleep :), i just about managed to get through a riveting day at the Office as well :lol: , thank goodness Taunton was on :D .

    Well resuming on from last night and what i believe are the last two Tournaments to run the rule over.

    Will begin with the final Men’s event and the Telkom PGA.

    Having assisted greatly in increasing the funds in the Vanstone Bank Balance last week :D , James Kingston deserves a chance to follow up, although the Odds are a smidgen less than last week i feel i have to go in again, in the hope that his Momentum from the last round carries over.

    A player who i feel deserves another chance is Anton Haig and he will complete my voting here.

    Finally to the Ladies and the Fields Open, the second leg of the Hawaii swing.

    As above another player who deserves a chance to follow up is Annika, but having put her to room 101 last week i will be doing the same again.

    Not sure what to make of Paula Creamer but it was a satisfactory first outing so i will chance her again.

    The supporting cast will be made up of Angela Park, who but for a bad start could have ended up the Winner, and my Third choice is going to go to Morgan Pressel, the Boca Raton Blonde i believe had a good run in this last year if my Memory serves me correct, that can never be relied upon :lol: .

    Just to show that there are no hard feelings i am going to give Annika some company this week in the shape of Linda Wessberg who as of yet has not Rose to The Occasion, hopefully it is only a matter of time before that get’s put right :) .

    Well that will just about do it for me for now, so as always whatever your picks BE LUCKY.

    Cheers for now.



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    I’m only 21 but I make sure that I take the time to learn about/appreciate the histories of each sport that I follow. Therefore after hearing so much about him I just had to buy that Arkle video and I’ve also got the book that Sean Magee did on him recently.


    Like I said Kauto Star is a true great but I’m surprised that you think he would have made Arkle go in the King George. Wouldn’t Arkle have beaten the likes of Our Vic & Exotic Dancer by at least the length of the straight @ levels?

    And Best Mate was my all-time favourite but its just ludicrous that we keep making the Arkle comparison. Again he was a great and he was just beautiful to watch but Arkle would have beaten him by a fence.

    However, I still refuse to believe that KS would have beaten BM in his second Gold Cup. It might have been a poor field but it was a supreme performance and he was value for about 20-25L IMO and which other horse has won a good ground Gold Cup like that in recent times?


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    I can only agree with what’s said at the top of this thread, if it’s not at least soft then forget it. However if it is testing ground on the 14th I’d advise not to rule him out completely based on last years’ GC, as the pace would not have suited him at all and it was the first and only time in his career that he’s ever worn blinkers.
    I spotted him in the market a while ago at around 50/1 and made a mental note that if the ground came up soft or worse to give his price another check. I’ve got his Welsh National run level with Neptune Collonges’ run at Wincanton on Saturday as the best by staying chasers this year outside the Big 3, so I rate him quite highly assuming he gets his ground.


    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    On a budget of 50 quid a day split your cash in two.

    25 quid win on your main fancy of the day or 15 and 10 on your main two.

    Then go for the big one with the balance

    3 x 2 x 2 x 3 x 2 x 3 = 216 10p accumaltors

    get the first 4 up you’ll be shaking in your boots :lol:

    but dont worry you have some change to buy some paracetemol for your sore head if you get the first 5 up and the last 3 all get stuffed :lol:

    PS CHris if you are working of a small weekly budget of say 50 quid here’s a sure fire way of making money.

    Don’t take my word for it just pick the horses and don’t bet them as a trial first you will be amazed at the results.

    First stop betting weekdays only bet on a Saturday….spend your spare time studying and watching anything that’s down to run……bet 3×10 quid doubles and a 20 quid treble every week….bet nothing else even if you are winning………… decent treble in 52 weeks will cover your entire yers bets and all teh little doubles you have up and the other occasional trebles atre all profit…………I defy anyone to tell me I couldn’t get at least 3 trebles up in a year and God knows how many doubles….My bookie told me about that bet when I was a kid and I made a packet off doing it mate.


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    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    Good point Fisty, all three of his wins feature on a very rare Arkle video that I picked up for a fiver at Redcar one day so the footage is definitely out there. In one of them he quickened up unbelievably round the home turn and went about 30L clear, I think Peter O’Sullevan made some reference to a sports car in his commentary! Kauto Star is great but when you watch that you realise that he isn’t in the same parish as Arkle.

    Shhhhhhhh!!! Im hoping Kauto Star does the same thing to Denman :lol: ……I know that may be wishfull thinking but he is an awesome horse and I haven’t seen anything as good since Arkle at such a tender age.

    You have to think it’s gotta happen sometime…Although Peter O’Sullivan did say he was a freak of nature and we would probably never see the likes of him again and he was probably right.

    That race is burned into my memory like it was yesterday and I can’t remeber what day it is half the time. :wink: I wish some of the young people on here could see it though….maybe then when I say things like "Best Mate and Kicking King were just good horses who were the best of a bad lot". they would understand exactly what I mean.

    Of course if either Kauto Star or Denman win the gold cup and go on to bigger and better things they will be saying the same thing themselves over the next couple of years.


    Chris B

    Winning ones yes I know that :D

    What I mean is last year I had a load of bets on, mostly single wins and each ways and a few doubles, but I made big losses :(

    I’m on a budget this year but still want a flutter each day, what kind of bets would people say are best if you’re looking at around £50 a day and want to have money on most races?

    My first thoughts were £1 e/w lucky 15s or lucky 31s, but just now I’ve been thinking maybe 3 lots of doubles..

    Anyone got any thoughts on what would probably be the most solid choices to hopefully make the best returns?

    I know with win doubles if 1 loses then the bets gone but with the lucky 15/31s 1 winner gets a return, but a small one, what are your favourite choices for this situation?

    Sorry if this is a bit random..



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    Liverpool fans are just about the worst in the country – and I’m one of them. Rather than cheer their team on, they would prefer to chant about our new owners (who have made few appearances since they bought the club) and continue to whine about events at Hillsborough some 19 years ago.

    i can not believe you posted this :x dont think you can ever call yourself one a liverpool fan with this comment MATE


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    Happy Jack
    Happy Jack
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    Perhaps the fact that RUK are not showing any pre-1995 footage is because that was when the transition from BBC to Channel 4 was made, and there is some sort of contractual issue.

    On the other hand, I can’t see how this can be a problem given that they regularly use archive BBC footage in their "Greatest Races" feature, and the fact that two years ago, prior to Aintree, RUK also showed every Grand National in full from the early 1960s to the present day (annoyingly, something they didn’t repeat in 2007).


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    America Is Not The World

    They think they are :D

    Which reminds me of one trip, I can’t remember where I was, but that is not relevant as it could apply almost anywhere in the States..

    For those who have never experienced a US television news bulletin, the priority is something along the lines of local news (preferably involving a shoot out), county news, state news, national news and, very occasionally if there are a few seconds to fill, international news.

    This particular day there had been a earthquake in China with tens of thousands killed and it actually merited a brief mention. What made me smile though was the on-screen caption which simply said "China – The World"

    At least the viewers were given some idea where it was.

    Another way to totally confuse a typical American is when they ask where you come from reply "Great Britain" – it throws them completely, some can cope with "United Kingdom" and nearly all can cope with England – heaven knows how someone from Wales or Scotland would get on?


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    Good point Fisty, all three of his wins feature on a very rare Arkle video that I picked up for a fiver at Redcar one day so the footage is definitely out there. In one of them he quickened up unbelievably round the home turn and went about 30L clear, I think Peter O’Sullevan made some reference to a sports car in his commentary! Kauto Star is great but when you watch that you realise that he isn’t in the same parish as Arkle.

    I remember Baracouda winning a handicap at Sandown one day and C4 then did a feature on great weight-carrying performances. Arkle’s win in the Gallagher was shown and I seem to remember them getting the late David Nicholson in to talk about it and he just couldn’t believe how Arkle quickened after thinking that he might have had him beat down the back.


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    Fist of Fury 2k8
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    RUK have run a loop of "Cheltenham Memories" for two days now.

    However, in RUKland Cheltenham Memories only started in 1995 and ended in 2002.

    Why are they not able to mix the archive footage up a bit. Last year they ran recordings of the big Cheltenham Races showing all the runnings for a given decade. With Cheltenham only 3 weeks away, I am sure subscribers would much prefer Gold Cups from the 70s/80s/90s than the cobbled together programme currently on air.

    Seems very lazy to me.

    I would love the chance to view them…..I’m suprised some of the great races of the past don’t seem to be available anywhere……….Like Arkle winning the Gallgher Gold Cup which was one of the most amazing performasnces of all time eg……..someone must have the recordings but why they are not made available I have no idea………The Arkle v Millhouse tape must have been viewd millions of times but Mill Houses win or Arkles two other wins I have never heard anyone talk off……..maybe the recording are too bad to show or they preserve them and aren’t allowed to play or record them………really don’t know


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    5/2 Commander Vic, C&D could follow up
    15/2 Blakeney Run, more needed here
    17/2 Stop The Show, promising debut
    9/1 Boomerang, has to get the D at the weight
    9/1 West End Rocker, more needed today
    11/1 Oberon Moon, 50% strike-rate, D? Nicholls/Walsh
    14/1 Doubles Daughter, not shown anything, mare versus geldings, G? D?
    16/1 Feisty Madam, no chance really, mare versus geldings, G?D?
    20/1 Culahill, disappointing debut
    25/1 Quickbeam, has some reasonable hurdle form, D?
    100/1 Picabo Kid, G?D?


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    Dubai will have to wait until I get my new passport next year though – my current passport has so many Israel visa’s, the chances of me getting into any Arab country are very long odds against

    without getting too political, that is another reason i would not want to touch the place. Isnt it Saudi arabia that actually bans those of the jewish race from visiting regardless of Israel connections? Imagine if england banned black visitors? :evil:

    I suppose we have to "understand" them dont we?

    Doesnt help that i look vaguely jewish (ive been told) even though im not

    Horrible part of the world IMO

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